About Us

Short Story About APHFTA

Welcome to the Asociation of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania Established in 1994, the Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA) is a Non-State Actor that exists to serve as a public forum for the private health sector and provide a comprehensive array of advocacy, administrative, knowledge-sharing and networking products and services to the private health sector, and it endeavours to link with the community and thereby contribute towards poverty alleviation. APHFTA, the umbrella organisation of the self-sustaining private health sector in Tanzania, is dedicated to improving the quality of care and services in the private health sector. APHFTA has over 1,000 member healthcare facilities all over Tanzania, which includes hospitals, health centers, dispensaries, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets (ADDOs) district associations, and maternity homes among others. APHFTA has established functioning National Headquarter Offices in Dar Es Salaam, five (5) Zonal offices and one (1) Regional office. The Lake Zone Office, with offices in Mwanza City serves six Regions around Lake Victoria; Northern Zone Office, with offices in Moshi, serves four regions in the northern circuit; Southern Highland Zone Offices in Mbeya serves the six Southern Highland regions of Tanzania, Central zone serving Dodoma, Morogoro, Singida, Tabora and Kigoma, the Dar Es Salaam Zone serving Dare Es Salaam, Lindi, Mtwara and Coastal regions. Also APHFTA has regional project offices in Geita, Tabora, Singida, Morogoro, Iringa and Mjombe. APHFTA is an active player and contributor in health policies in Tanzania. APHFTA participates in annual MoHCDGEC Joint Annual Health Sector Review (JAHSR) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) Steering committee meetings, PPP Technical Working Group (TWG), Human Resource for Health (HRH) TWG, Health Financing Technical Working Group, Quality Improvement Technical Working Group, and the Public Private Health Forum (PPHF). APHFTA is also represented in the private health facilities registration board that support the registration of private facilities all over the country. The Association has a good track record of working with development partners in donor funded projects and has accumulated vast experience in managing health sector projects (including health sector financing) and achieving projects’ targets that are in line with the organization’s Vision and Mission.