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Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

2005 to date - APHFTA was a sub-recipient of Global Fund forHIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Round Four (2005-2010) and is

also a sub-recipient for the Global Fund Round 8 (2009-2014). APHFTA has supported and trained private health facilities in

Tanzania on HIV and AIDS care and treatment, Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT), Prevention of Maternal to Child

Transmission (PMTCT) and Home Based Care for people living with HIV/AIDS, and TB services. To date more than 770 health

care providers from 91 healthcare facilities have been trained and supported by APHFTA on the above mentioned components

and are included in the National HIV and AIDS Care and Treatment Program. In addition, APHFTA has been organizing

coordination meetings with the District Health Management teams to strengthen the partnership and collaboration with the

public sector in provision of HIV/AIDS services.

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Project: 2012 to date- APHFTA with support from DANIDA initiated a Voluntary

Medical Male Circumcision project known as TOHARA Project in Rorya District in the Lake Zone. APHFTA has partnered with

SHED Foundation, a local organization in the district to coordinated and oversee the implementation of the project in the

district. APHFTA works in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare at National, Regional and District

level in the implementation of the project. The project has adopted a unique model which has reduced the cost per

circumcision; whereby the facilities both public and private are provided with appropriate equipments for VMMC, staffs are

trained on how to conduct the procedure, community conversations are organized on raise awareness of the importance of MC

and referrals made to the facilities. Regular supportive supervisions are also done by the MOHSW at the district level. To date

over 12,000 circumcisions have been done in the district with over 74 staff trained and 36 facilities enrolled into the program.

APHFTA intends to scale up the project in-order to reach the 40,000 circumcisions target.

Tuberculosis Program: In partnership with the MoHSW and other partners, Private health care facilities in Tanzania

participate in the provision of Tuberculosis screening and treatment to thousands of Tanzanian. APHFTA supports the private

health sector to provide comprehensive Tuberculosis/HIV care, after the realization that the two diseases cannot be addressed

separately. Private Health Care Facilities are supported to deliver TB services to the public through the program, and the

facilities are all linked to the National TB and Leprosy Control Program. Over 200 private health facilities are in this program in

this program Tanzania, and APHFTA supports about half of them through training and linkage to HIV/AIDS services.

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