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CME Programme

Continuous Medical Education Program ; 2005 to date: FSG Communication is funded by several international funding

agencies (Global Fund, DFID etc), to print the Africa Health Journal. APHFTA contributes articles that are included in this

journal with the aim of providing medical education to the health care workers and distributes the journals to both the private

and public healthcare facilities in Tanzania. These journals have served as the only source of continuous medical education to

thousands of healthcare providers in Tanzania. Over 29,000 copies have been distributed so far. Currently APHFTA is leading a

local editorial team that edits a local edition (Africa Health Journal Tanzania Edition). About 1,000 copies of the local edition

are published every two months (6 editions per year).

APHFTA Signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MeduProf-S of the Netherlands for Training of

Healthcare Professionals in Tanzania

APHFTA has signed a MoU with Medu Prof-S of the Netherlands for the later to provide advanced professional trainings for the

private health sector professionals in APHFTA’s membership network. MeduProf-S, Sustainable Medical Education for

Professionals, an independent company empowered by Fontys University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands, is engaged in

the acquisition and implementation of complex international education projects focusing predominantly on emerging countries

and countries in transition.

As a social enterprise MeduProf-S made a choice for a business approach because in more than 15 years experience the

business model to improve development has been proven successful. With its Schools of Health, Didactics and Curriculum

Development, Management, Quality & Change and /Engineering/IT, MeduProf-S delivers a complete package necessary to

bring an educational institute, healthcare facility, a private company or a government a step further in its development or

change process. APHFTA is proud to announce to its member facilities that courses will soon be offered by APHFTA in

partnership with this strategic partner. The first courses will be on ultrasound training for healthcare professionals followed

soon after with courses on laboratory techniques and use of modern diagnostic laboratory machines.

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