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Private Medical Practice Development Program

2011 to date: A USAID-funded business development program was first launched in 2011 with the

aim of building the capacity of healthcare providers in basic entrepreneurial skills and financial management, through

subsidized business trainings. PMPDP also aims at improving access to affordable finance for the private healthcare

providers/facilities through partnering with commercial banks and setting up a risk-sharing credit facility.  A total of 150 Private

healthcare providers have benefited from the business and quality improvement trainings, on-site technical support provided

by APHFTA team, and to-date more than 50 facilities have improved their financial records systems and a few are now

enjoying the loans accessed through the credit facility set up with the commercial bank in Southern Highlands.  The program

receives further technical support from Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania – USA) through Wharton Global

Health Volunteers. PMPDP has recently started to work Afya Microfinance Ltd, a specialized micro-financier,  to ensure that the

lower end of the private healthcare market is reached through micro-loans designed to meet their financial requirements

Linkage with Foreign Academic Institutions for Technical Support and Student Programs through the

BinemoyoFoundation: The Bienmoyo foundation is a United States Organization that has also been registered in Tanzania.

APHFTA signed a MoU with Binemoyo for technical support, and the two organizations have worked together on several

projects for the past 5 years. Notable achievements have been in the private health sector investment climate study with the

Wharton Business School and the IFC bank, the business training for health care providers program and the Private Medical

Practice Development Project funded by the USAID. Bienmoyo has been the link between APHFTA and the Harvard University

and the Wharton business School. Also Bienmoyo has provided APHFTA with the technical support and the software for scaling

up the m-Maisha Reporting System to over 25 APHFTA member facilities. In addition, APHFTA partnered with the Harvard

University of the USA to develop a membership database in December 2012 and January 2013. The database is being fully

utilised and has made access to member’s records easier and more accurate. All this was made possible thanks to the DANIDA

Support funds to APHFTA.

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