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A. Suggested new Subscription fees to our members:

It was agreed and resolved the fees structure be as follows:

Registered Hospitals                          Annual fee shall be TZS 150,000/=

Registered Health Centers                Annual fee shall be TZS 80,000/=

Registered Dispensaries, Pharmacies, Laboratories, ADDO, andb Maternity & Nursing Homes                                 Annual fee shall be 60,000/=

Non-service providers, Corporate Organizations                          Annual fee will be 250,000/=

B. Honorarium Payment to elected office bearers:

This is item is referred to ion the present Constitution at paragraph (j) which states, quote “The Board of Directors may recommend to the General Meeting amount of remuneration payable to Honorary office bearers and Secretariat staff and reasons thereof for consideration and approval before implementation”.

The Board raised this issue to the 2011 Annual General Meeting for discussion / amendment and approval.

· 25% of Annual fees collected from each Zone be returned to the Zone to strengthen activities of the Zonal branch. 30% of this amount can be set aside as honorarium to elected office bearers annually. The remaining 75% be retained at the National Secretariat, and 30% of which may be set aside annually to pay Honorarium to elected office bearers and National Secretariat staff.

v Today APHFTA boasts of membership in excess of 500. The potential is nearly 2000 + and expanding. Great opportunities are in the horizon for APHFTA and its members.

v APHFTA members must be transparent in their dealings with their organization, APHFTA. Regular and accurate data from members is needed  in order to build APHFTA's data bank. This in turn will make APHFTA stronger in representing its members.


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