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Quality Improvement Program

  1. APHFTA to Train 100 Facilities in Dar es Salaam on Quality Improvement

APHFTA will in the train 100 healthcare facilities in Dar es Salaam on quality improvement in the last quarter of 2013. The

training will be based on 5-S Kaizen Quality Improvement Tools.

APHFTA has trained hundred on its member facilities on quality improvement. The most advanced training on quality has been

that of Safe Care Standards that comes as a package of the Medical Credit Fund. However, due to the fact that no all facilities

are registered in the MCF program, APHFTA is now providing training based on 5-S Kaizen for the facilities not receiving the

Safe Care Standards Training.

One of APHFTA’s priority areas in its five year strategic plan is sustainable quality healthcare delivery by its member facilities,

and the associating has for the past three years put considerable investments in the training of its member facilities on quality

improvement at healthcare facility level.

The Quality Improvement Program: APHFTA provides technical support for the facilities enrolled in the program. A team of

quality experts  enroll facilities in the program, train them on quality improvement, and takes them through a grading system

that has been formulated by the SAFECARE initiative, that brings together the expertise of the South African Based COHSASA,

the United States Based quality standards authority Joint Commission International and the PharmAccess Foundation of the


Below are pictures from the Quality Training at Morogoro conducted on 17th - 18th October 2013




Personal insight with Dr. Hassan Ahmad of Bonde La Mpunga Dispensary in Tanzania

“The number of patients is increasing day after day due to our good services offered to clients”

to read more just click the link below on picture and more of success stories from Dr Hassan.


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