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Non-Communicable Diseases Program

Non-Communicable Diseases Program (NCD);  2007 to date: APHFTA initiated a program through World Diabetes Foundation’s

support to increase access to diabetes prevention, care and treatment through an integrated approach of community, schools and

health facilities. To date more than 90 private health facilities located in 18 regions of Tanzania participated in the program. 195

health care workers were trained on diabetes care and treatment. The program was linked to schools and communities whereby

more than 270 teachers were trained on NCD prevention who in turn educated the students and communities.  More than 600,000

people benefited from this project that was initially to run for two year, but due to its success, WDF funded the next phase 2009-

2012. In this second phase the program was expanded to more healthcare facilities and schools.  Following the success of the first

2 phases of the project, APHFTA intends to strengthen the NCD’s primary prevention component by supporting the implementation

of the school health program in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education and

Vocational Training.

Strengthening Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Prevention Program; 2011-2012: APHFTA partnered with NSSF in

2011 to raise awareness on NCD and conduct mass screening of NCDs in five major cities of Tanzania. NSSF financed the

program and it is expected that the program will help in raising awareness and controlling the rate at which NCDs have been

increasing in Tanzania.

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