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Strengthening Support Program

2009 to date: following in depth study of the financial state of the private health sector in Tanzania that was conducted by

International Finance Corporation (IFC-World-Bank) in partnership with APHFTA, that clearly showed the great potential of the

private health sector in Tanzania and the need to establish a financing utility for the sector, APHFTA signed an agreement with

Medical Credit Fund (MCF) Netherlands, to establish a financing utility for the Private Health Sector in Tanzania. The program

provides technical support for quality improvement through the SafeCare Standards and soft loans to private health facilities for

improvement of their Quality Standards. The technical support provided to facilities include Quality and Business trainings, baseline

entry assessments, development of Quality Upgrading Plans,  Business plans, Expert Opinions, installment of bookkeeping system

among athor areas.  To date more than 150 facilities have signed up with the program, and 2 banks has been contracted to

manage the loans. The program aims at reaching an additional 200 healthcare facilities within the next 2 years.

DANIDA Health Sector Program Support IV ; 2010 to date. In 2009, DANIDA launched another five year budgetary support to

the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Health Sector Program Support- HSPS IV). The Sub-component 3: Support to

strengthening the non-government health sector and public private partnership (PPP) Context of the Tanzanian proposal

outlines how support would be provided to the non-governmental health sector, and all the principals involved there-in. DANIDA, in

its first 2 years of support to APHFTA, helped fill the gaps in APHFTA’s strategic plan (2005-2010 and 2011-2015). The funds

helped APHFTA to accomplish several activities its strategic plan that the association would not have accomplished, mainly related

to building the capacity of the private health sector in the delivery of national health programs, as well as building the organizational

capacity of APHFTA. The funds supported HIV/AIDS services delivery including prevention, maternal, newborn and child health

services, non communicable diseases and school health services, quality improvement in the private health sector, Public Private

Partnerships in health, and APHFTA’s organizational capacity strengthening at the National and Zonal Levels

DANIDA PPP meetings and M & E Support; 2010 to date: Through the support of DANIDA, APHFTA has been able to

organize and participate in several stakeholders meetings and forums with the aim of strengthening the relationship with the

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, other government authorities and different organizations in Tanzania and within the East

African Region, namely Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. This has lead to APHFTA participation in boards of government

institutions, different technical working groups (TWG) and committees at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as well as other

Ministries. Through DANIDA support APHFTA also organized the 1st East African Healthcare Federation Scientific Conference

and 15th AGM in February 2013, where more than 500 delegates from the East African Region and beyond participated.  Health

Ministers from Tanzania and Uganda, World Bank officials of the East and Central African Region, high ranking government

officials, representatives of diplomatic missions and private sector officials were among the invited guests who attended the

conference.  In addition APHFTA has received support from DANIDA for engagement of a consultant to develop its strategic plan

2011-2015 and also COWI was contracted to support APHFTA in developing a monitoring and reporting manual to support the

organization in strengthening its M & E Systems. Currently APHFTA has a planning, reporting and M&E manual which are being

utilized by the organization.


PPP Office Support- 2012: GIZ Tanzania Health Programs signed a MoU with APHFTA in 2012 to fund salary for an

administrator to work at the PPP centre of excellence in Dar es Salaam. This will help strengthen PPP in health in Tanzania by

providing a neutral point for PPP engagements in the healthcare sector in Tanzania. Through this support a PPP policy and

Training manual has been developed with the aim of enhancing Public Private Partnerships in Tanzania. These documents will be

utilized by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and all stakeholders involved in PPP’s all over the country. PPP trainings were

done in all regions in Tanzania where APHFTA participated as trainers and participants from the private sector were also

represented in the training.


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