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The aims and objectives of the Association are
•To ensure, maintain and safeguard the interest, privileges and welfare of its members and the Private health care sector in general.
•To provide advocacy for the private health sector to the government and the general public.
•To promote the exchange of ideas among those involved in Private Health care provision
•To act as a representative body of the Private Health Facilities and promote dialogue with the government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Health for conducive policy developments that will promote the growth of the private health sector.
•To advice its members on all matters pertaining to the Private Health sector
•To participate in training of Human Resources for Health (HRH) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, other Government Ministries and Instititutions, National and International organizations.
•To cooperate with other National and International Medical Organizations.
•To strengthen Continuing Education for all professionals in Private Health sector.
•To promote the establishment of Indemnity and insurance facility by any Insurance organization within or outside the country for the medical professional to assist in cases of litigation.
•To promote and support research in the Private Health Sector.
•To strengthen and establish modalities of referral system between Facilities within the Private Health Sector.
•To promote all possible means and at all times the attainment of the highest possible physical and mental well being of all people in Tanzania.
•To maintain the honour and promote the interests of the noble Medical Profession.
•To strive for the highest standard of professional ethics and conduct in privates health care.

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