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I. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

II. Administrator

III. Chief Accountant

IV. Planning Officer

V. National Liaison Officer

VI. Programme Manager

VII. Project Managers

VIII. IT Manager

IX. Resource Centre Manager

X. Public Relation/Marketing Manager

XI. Legal Advisor

XII. Secretary

XIII. Other support staff


I. Zonal Liaison Officer

II. Zonal Accountant

III. Quality Assurance Officer

IV. Secretary/Administrator

V. Project Staff

VI. Support Staff

Roles of the ZONAL Secretariat

v Support the elected zonal leaders in conducting day to day activities at the zone

v Coordinate APHFTA Activities at District, Regional and Zonal level

v Arrange and coordinate all APHFTA membership meetings conducted at branches levels: District, Region and Zonal

v Liaise with the government and Non-Governmental partners at the District, Regional and Zonal

v Promote Public Private Partnerships at the district and, Regional and Zonal levels

v Conducting supportive supervision visits to all Private Health facilities implementing national programs and special projects supported by APHFTA

v Support CME activities at the zone

v Overseeing all activities done in the Zone and prepare reports




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