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Helping Babies Breathe Training at APHFTA


This week from 08th to 11th October, 2013 APHFTA in Collaboration with The LDS charities (a non-profit organization which

conducts charitable and humanitarian activities in Tanzania ) are conduct training on Helping Babies Breath to private health

facilities in Lake zone regions; Mwanza, Shinyanga,Geita,Mara, Kagera. The training is taking place at St. Dominic Pastoral Centre Nyakahoja, Mwanza.

The training aims at enabling the health care workers to update their skills and knowledge in newborn resuscitation techniques.

After the training each of the represented health facilities will be equipped with the basic equipment for newborn resuscitation.

APHFTA extends its appreciation to the LDS charities for the donations of these equipments.

The training outcome will contribute to the National efforts of reaching the Millennium Development Goal 4 of reducing two third of under five children mortality by 2015. Newborn deaths accounts for 27% of deaths in children under five years.

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